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This is the Home page for the FileMaker app for connecting to the Swoogo API for Event Planners

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Welcome to the FileMaker Extension that bridges FileMaker custom applications to the Swoogo Event Planners platform.

Swoogo is a major marketing browser software used by Event Planners that provides a rigid vertical market solution. Some planners like to customize their business processes with a FileMaker App, while making use of already existing vertical market software like Swoogo or maybe others like cloud accounting software.

However, to make FileMaker play well with Swoogo, we have to teach FileMaker how to talk to the Swoogo Application Programming Interface. This is done through FileMaker's support of RESTful API calls with the "Insert from URL" script step and the Swoogo API version 1 documentation.

This FileMaker Extension is a template with the scripting and schema for you to integrate with you custom FileMaker application. You can copy the schema and scirpting code in this Extension into your FileMaker Custom app to integrate the Swoogo data.

This extension has been developed by TMS Software, LLC, and we retain copyright to the code, but are freely releasing it to the FileMaker community for further development. If you make use of the code, we expect you to give us credit for the code, but that is all.

This solutions works and has been tested with the FileMaker 18 platform, and makes use of features not available in previous versions. It is a freeware solution, but we would appreciate credit in the code if you make use of it. And if you need assitance in customization, we are a full service FileMaker development company available for hire.

Watch the YouTube video about this app.

This software was developed by Taylor Sharpe, FMCD, the President and owner of TMS Software, LLC, a FileMaker Business Alliance member and certified developer. He is also the Co-Chapter Coordinator of the FileMaker Pro Users Group of Dallas. You can contact Mr. Sharpe at