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TMS Software, LLC, developed this app for the Claris Community. It is a FileMaker solution that utilizies the Zebra API to generate barcodes for container fields in FileMaker.

This FileMaker solution is designed to connect you to the Zebra RESTful API via "Insert from URL" function to submit barcode parameters that the Zebra API then returns the PNG graphic to a FileMaker container field. The use of the Zebra API requires registration at their web site. The registration includes access to a limited but free API. As of the writing of this, it is good for 10,000 barcodes a month and not more than 5 requests in a second. More functionality and features are available for additional fees.

Supported Barcodes as of Version 1 of this template are: auspost, azteccode, azteccodecompact, aztecrune, bc412, channelcode, codablockf, code11, code128, code16k, code2of5, code32, code39, code39ext, code49, code93, code93ext, codeone, coop2of5, daft, databarexpanded, databarexpandedcomposite, databarexpandedstacked, databarexpandedstackedcomposite, databarlimited, databarlimitedcomposite, databaromni, databaromnicomposite, databarstacked, databarstackedcomposite, databarstackedomni, databarstackedomnicomposite, databartruncated, databartruncatedcomposite, datalogic2of5, datamatrix, datamatrixrectangular, dotcode, ean13, ean13composite, ean14, ean2, ean5, ean8, ean8composite, flattermarken, gs1-128, gs1-128composite, gs1-cc, gs1datamatrix, gs1datamatrixrectangular, gs1northamericancoupon, gs1qrcode, hanxin, hibcazteccode, hibccodablockf, hibccode128, hibccode39, hibcdatamatrix, hibcdatamatrixrectangular, hibcmicropdf417, hibcpdf417, hibcqrcode, iata2of5, identcode, industrial2of5, interleaved2of5, isbn, ismn, issn, itf14, japanpost, kix, leitcode, matrix2of5, maxicode, micropdf417, microqrcode, msi, onecode, pdf417, pdf417compact, pharmacode2, pharmacode, planet, plessey, posicode, postnet, pzn, qrcode, rationalizedCodabar, raw, royalmail, sscc18, symbol, telepen, telepennumeric, ultracode, upca, upcacomposite, upce, and upcecomposite

This is an extension meaning it is not designed to be a final solution. This is for you to use to copy, edit and incorporate the script into your own solution.

We hope this solution can assist you in your business process needs!

The solution was prepared as freeware released to the FileMaker community. TMS Software, LLC retains the rights to the code, but asks that if you make use of it, you give us appropriate credit. And if you need assistance in implementing this solution, our consulting services are available and you can contact us at or 877-709-7072.

This software was developed by Taylor Sharpe, FMCD, the President and owner of TMS Software, LLC, a FileMaker Business Alliance member and certified developer. He is also the Co-Chapter Coordinator of the FileMaker Pro Users Group of Dallas. You can contact Mr. Sharpe at