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TMS Software, LLC, developed this app for the Claris Community. It is a FileMaker solution that utilizies the 4Over API to get product listings.

4over is a large trade printer based in the USA. They have well developed web page to interact with their products. While that web page meets many customer needs, FileMaker brings customization tools to business processes and one of the features is interconnectivity with Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). 4Over has exposed their print products information through a well developed API. Combined with FileMaker, this allows FileMaker developers to directly integrate print products data with a FileMaker custom solution. The 4Over API is a RESTful state API that is supported by FileMaker's "Insert from URL" with cURL content calls. Through this functionality, you can further customize print product data with FileMaker.

This solution provides the secure connection and sample data calls to access 4Over's API. It is a template that is an extension with sample data access meant to be utilized by developers in making custom data solutions that add functionality to the 4Over system. As an extension this is not meant to be a final product, only a functional example on how to access the data with the expectation that it would be used as part of a further developed FileMaker solution.

Making use of the 4Over API will require getting credentials from their development web site and adhering to their Terms of Service.

This is an extension meaning it is not designed to be a final solution. This is for you to use to copy, edit and incorporate the script into your own solution.

We hope this solution can assist you in your business process needs!

The solution is provided as-is with no warranty of functionality and was prepared as freeware released to the FileMaker community. TMS Software, LLC retains the rights to the code, but asks that if you make use of it, you give us appropriate credit. And if you need assistance in implementing this solution, our consulting services are available and you can contact us at or 877-709-7072.

This software was developed by Taylor Sharpe, FMCD, the President and owner of TMS Software, LLC, a FileMaker Business Alliance member and certified developer. He is also the Co-Chapter Coordinator of the FileMaker Pro Users Group of Dallas. You can contact Mr. Sharpe at